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Sutton Lake Beach

Sutton Lake is a reservoir on the Elk River, which comes in Braxton and Webster Counties. It is a reservoir which is named after the town Sutton in Braxton County. It is a huge lake which covers 1,440 acres and 40 miles of shoreline. It has several coves in between the shoreline. People enjoy being on the shoreline as it provides huge number of fun fulled activities.

The most highlighted places in this area are the Bee Run Day Use Area, Gerald. R. Freeman Campground and Bee Run Campground. The swimming beaches are on the Bee Run Day Use Area. You can swim till your heart desires but no lifeguards are provided so venture in the water at your own risks. People do lots of sunning and swimming here.

Fishing, hiking, boating are prevalent in this area. Fishing is done in the down stream area where a handicap accessible fishing pier is also constructed. The Fire roads and hunter trails provide foot access to Sutton lake's remote areas and and Elk River Wildlife Management Area.

Boat rentals are available at Bee Run Day Use Area along with two campgrounds and South Abutement Day Use Area. Staying is not a problem here, there are in totality 230 camp sites in both the campgrounds with all the basic facilities for the people who are coming for their vacation.