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Sunset Beach

For those who love beaches, South Dakota is the best option. For camp lovers, there are wide range of options to set up a camp site at one of the tremendous campgrounds near by. Perfect glittering water and the charming South Dakota coast has a beautiful panoramic view. If you want to stay at night on the beach, then go and settle for a hotel a far from the beach, the only thing is you have to advance book a room ahead of going since it is a very popular destination.

At the Sunset beach you can find numerous, activities, such as fishing, boating, and swimming. The sand on the beach is very smooth and silky to touch. Walking barefooted, you feel as if you are walking on a bed of rose petals. The slice of coast line is quite glorious, and very pleasant. When going to Sunset Beach, a few miles away you will find the Sandy Shore Recreation Area, which revives the soul, and most people coming here are from Watertown.