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Lake Bistineau

Lake Bistineau is found in the northwestern part of Louisiana, about 25 miles southeast of Shreveport. It is roughly 15,550 acres in size and 1 ¼ mile wide by 14 miles long. Many people who’ve visited Lake Bistineau think it’s one of the best scenic, multi-use Louisiana lakes.

Bistineau Lake is famous for its moss-covered Cypresses, but even with the plentiful trees there are plenty of open spaces, lanes and wide channels. It makes for an outstanding Louisiana fishing and recreational boating environment. Other outdoor adventure opportunities on Lake Bistineau include water-skiing, and jet skiing and house boating.

There are many accesses to the lake, including more than a few commercial facilities and marinas. There are also campgrounds and lodging areas, some of which lie in Lake Bistineau State Park on the northwestern edge of the lake. Duck hunters will be happy to know that the area provides numerous duck blinds.