The Boise River


The lower Boise River is the 64-mile stretch that flows from Lucky Peak Dam above Boise, Idaho to the Snake River below Parma, Idaho. The river flows in a northwesterly direction from its origin at Lucky Peak Dam to its confluence with the Snake River.

This Idaho river’s watershed encompasses over 4,000 sqare miles of diverse habitats, including alpine canyons, forest, rangeland, farmlands and urban areas. There are plenty of opportunities for wildlife observation as well, and visitors may see bald eagles, hawks, osprey, deer, ducks, muskrats, beaver and mink.

The river is a popular destination for floating and whitewater rafting. Summer sees big crowds from the city of Boise and surrounding towns.

Idaho fishing is also a favorite pass-time on the Boise River. The lower, warmwater section of river supports some largemouth and smallmouth bass and channel catfish, but poor water quality inhibits fish populations. The coldwater upstream section of the river is home to a wider variety of fish the most numerous species being the mountain whitefish and many types of hatchery-raised trout.