Torrey Pines State Beach Black s Beach

Torrey Pines State Beach is located between La Jolla and Del Mar, off Highway 101. The beautiful, native Torrey Pine trees, miles of pristine beaches, and a scenic lagoon, located across the highway are some of the great features that this state beach/reserve offers its visitors.

Torrey Pines State Reserve is visited by travelers as well as local residents, who come to challenge themselves to a demanding hike/run up the cliff and around the trails, to check out the stunning panoramic views on the cliff top, to walk its serene trails, or to just relax on its white, sandy beaches.

There is a glider port on the cliff, south of the Torrey Pines State Reserve overlooking the beach where hangliders and paragliders are often seen soaring over the Pacific ocean. This is definitely a hot spot for these activities. Surfing and swimming are also popular activities at this beach but people mainly come to Torrey Pines to hike.

There are 8 miles of trails and guided nature walks available. Just check in with the visitor center at the top of the cliff for trail and tour information. The park requires that you stay on the designated trails. This is for the safety of the visitors as well as for the preservation of the park. These trails wind down to a 4.5-mile stretch of beach that is ideal for swimming, tanning or picnicking. There are no picnic tables available in the Torrey Pines Reserve but you can picnic on the beach. You are not allowed to take food items or drinks into the park (except for water) or on any trails except to carry them to the beach.

Just a couple of miles south of Torrey Pines sits Blacks beach. Formally known as Torrey Pines City Beach, Blacks beach is San Diego’s only nude beach. There are boundary signs that designate when you are in the nude area. You have to cover up if you're going beyond them or you could be fined $135. This is a two-mile long beach with very difficult access down a steep cliff. The safest way to get there is from the neighboring beaches to the north and south, but this access may be obstructed by high tides. This is a very secluded beach with no restrooms or lifeguards available.

You can park for free along Highway 101 to the north and then walk south to Torrey Pines beach. Or pay a small fee and park in the parking lot or on the cliff top and hike around Torrey Pines Reserve. There is a $6.00 parking fee for any car entering Torrey Pines.

Open 8:00 AM until sunset (usually 5pm)
No camping
No vehicles/bikes on the beach
No dogs allowed on the beach
No alcohol/glass containers
No fires/smoking
Restrooms are available on the bluff and at the Torrey Pines beach (not at Black's beach)