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Pigeon Point - Famous for Elephant Seals, Next door to San Francisco
Great Smokey Mountain - Famous for its fall colours it draws over 10 million visitors yearly.
Brandywine Creek SP- A day use park in Delaware. The park has over 14 miles of great trails.
Great Salt Lake - Float in the salty remains of historic Lake Bonneville
Kings River - The headwaters have great hiking and paddling opportunities abound.
Washongtn DC- The political center of America and some of the worlds best museums
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The states of California and Florida are best know for sunshine and beautiful beaches. The scenic coasts of Maine and Alaska have rugged yet beautiful beaches. Some beaches to check out are Gold Beach in Oregon and the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
American cities are representative of its culture and landscape and they which are as diverse as any country in the world. To get a feel for America jump to one these cities and start exploring : New York CityNome, Hilo, Bluff and El Paso.
National Parks
Home to Yellowstone NP heralded as Americas Serengeti and the Grand Canyon the world’s most spectacular canyon visitors from every country appreciate Americas Parks. A few others are Death Valley and Arches in Utah.
The Rockies and the Sierras dominate the west the Appalachians the east. In between are the volcanoes of the Pacific Northwest and the fault block ranges of the Great Basin. Skip ahead to; the La Sals in Utah or theGallatin Range in Montana.
From the mighty Mississippi to the Columbia America is a land shaped by its rivers and lakes. The Colorado and the Rio Grande shaped patterns of development in the southwest and the Ohio and Delaware Rivers in the eastern are important routes for trade.
Lake Superior is the largest and the Great Salt Lake is the saltiest inland lake. Boaters converge on the waters of Lake Powell in the arid southwest and the deep clear waters of Crater Lake draw tourists from around the world.